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          <rev user="Daviddoria" timestamp="2016-11-22T01:20:32Z" comment="" contentformat="text/x-wiki" contentmodel="wikitext" xml:space="preserve">==Welcome to!==
This site is intended to provide short, compilable code snippets demonstrating frequently used concepts in several programming languages. Please feel free to modify the existing examples, and add new examples!

Please read [[Help:Editing|Editing Wiki Pages]] and [[Help:DosAndDonts|Do's and Don'ts]] before getting started.

== Coding Standards ==
We don't want to get too carried away here, but below are some guidelines.

* Use a sensible and internally consistent indentation scheme
* Use &quot;best coding practices&quot; for your language
* Use descriptive, fully spelled variable names (in English please)
** Good: dispatchTable, dispatch_table
** Bad: dispTbl, disp_tbl, mesaDespacho, avsändande_bord
* Comment (only) to clarify your code or your intention.

== Languages ==
* [[CPP|C++]]
* [[Java]]
* [[Python]]
* [[Perl]]
* [[Bash]]
* [[Matlab]]

== Libraries ==
* [[Boost]]
* [[Eigen]]
* [[OpenMP]]

== GUI Systems ==
* [[Qt]]
* [[wxWidgets]]

== Visualization/Graphics/Images ==
* [ VTK]
* [ ITK]
* [[OpenGL]]

== Computer Vision ==
* [[OpenCV]]
* [[PCL]]</rev>